The world as collage

How can that house fly?

Without any wings, motors and balloons? I rarely know why a surreal idea works or fails. It's all about intuition. And magic.
On these pages you see surreal art with international awards. 


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You may find most of my artworks on (English and four other languages) in small editions. If you wish a frame, dibond or something else, please contact me or Singulart.

About me

My name is Matthias Jung. I was born in 1972.
Together with my small son, I live in Winnenden near Stuttgart. I studied media design at the college of design in Schwäbisch Hall. Things I like: hiking around, playing theater, daydreaming, blueberries, small islands and good conversations. For me, life has never been self-evident. That‘s why I‘m open to new perspectives and experiments.

There‘s an artist at work in us...

 assembling snippets of reality into intricate collages we then call the world. Working with collages gives me the chance to consciously follow this process.


zabadu - Matthias jung

Hauptstraße 90, 71364 Winnenden, Deutschland, 0049 (0)1522 1077767

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