houses (2014-2017)

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The images can be enlarged in two steps.
* background image by Oliver Abraham, Bielefeld
** background image by Ulrich Schmidt, Schwieberdingen

Places you may reach if you own a green moped (2015)

Land of evening

You promised me a gingerbread heart (2016)

Uroboros* (2016)

The long study of the sea (2016)

We were still alive
when the gardener came (2017)

Long after the anger we made a world trip** (2016)

Zonenrandgebiet (2015)

Expedition to the East Pole (2015)

Searching for the enchanted whale (2016)

My grandfather was a spice dealer* (2017)

Schwedt (2016)

Malakoff (2015)

The old motorhome of Uncle Jim* (2015)

The day I finished to read the clouds (2016)

Ostheim (2015)

The world at weekend (2015)

Journey to the congress of ornithology (2016)

On the way to Kamtchatka (2015)

Western Outpost* (2016)

This afternoon I was on an expedition in the Arctic* (2015)

Autumn announcement (2015)

The West (2014)

Emigration Office (2015)