Divisions of my portfolio:

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The abolition of all illusions (2024)

Concrete sermon  (2024)

The long time of the last days (2023)

Sometimes I visit myself as a tourist (2023)

Village 13 (2023)

Commando splendid (2022)

Lucid geometric journey B (2021)

Lucid geometric journey C (2021)

Gravity (2023)

All coffee machines are broken (2020)

The queen is coming (2020)
Background: Sonja Schubert

Arrival of the royal family (2020)

The old motorhome of Uncle Jim (2015)

Background: Oliver Abraham

Rosy Dream Hotel (2021)

Horizon machine (2020)



Typographic Institute of the North (2019)

Places you may reach if you own a green moped (2015)

Your brain is nature (2020)

The mother and the light-blue door (2020)


Works outing of the regulatory agency  (2020)

Background: Sonja Schubert


Long after the anger we made a world trip (2016) Background: Ulrich Schmidt

Lord Kumulus and the journey to the Blue Moon (2018)


Expedition to the East Pole (2015)


When Claudine drinks coffee she often thinks of the sea (2020)

Searching for the enchanted whale (2016)


My grandfather was a spice dealer (2017)

Background Oliver Abraham


Cloudgardener, did you fall in love? (2017)



The long-established (2018)

Background: Ulrich Schmidt

Uroboros (2016)

Background: Oliver Abraham


Land of evening (2015)


We were still alive
when the gardener came (2017)


Supergod (2018)

All was power (2018)


I thought I should be like a tree (2018)



The place where I left my demons (2017)


Ostheim (2015)


Zonenrandgebiet (2015)


Journey to the congress of ornithology (2016)


You promised me a gingerbread heart (2016)

Schwedt (2016)


Talking dust (2019)

Background: Oliver Abraham


I'm an ark (2018)

On the way to Kamtchatka (2015)

The day I finished to read the clouds (2016)


Malakoff  (2015)


Civilisation X (2015)