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Anorganic evolution 3 (2020)

Anorganic evolution 2 (2020)

Anorganic evolution 1 (2020)

The golden boy (2020)

The flower war (2020)

The bored queen (2020)

Even the extincted have good days (2020) Background: Sonja Schubert

The time-witch has ordered tea again (2020) Background: Sonja Schubert

Flower child (2020)

Lullaby (2020)

The trade with antimatter and its consequences (Album Cover for the ensemble Cembaless, 2019)

TÜ-X-832 (2020)

My Organisation chart (2020)

Tender Greed (2009/2020)

Diesel (2020)

Rocket days (2020)

Initial interview (2020)