Divisions of my portfolio:

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Feels like almond biscuits (2022)

The end of numbers (2018)  

Background: Oliver Abraham

Felicitousness-machine (2020)    

Background: Sonja Schubert


The windows of my friendship (2020)

Home is where the heart is (2019)   

Things ain't the same since you've gone insane (2019)               

Today I will call you (2019)

Krishnamurti  (2013)

A genius is dreaming  (2019)   

The extension of the universe (2019)

Background: Oliver Abraham              

Moon Talker (2016)                        

Last year I left a mark for you in the mountains (2016) 

Background: Ulrich Schmidt                     

The fairy tale of the wondrous hand (2019)         

Structure of an actual feeling (2017)    

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After I had dawdled my life away (2017) shop

The cartography of the sky (2018)

Background: Oliver Abraham

Theory of everything (2016)  

Background: Ulrich Schmidt     


That were her last days (2017)

Pinnow (2016)

Haniel 1 (2014)

Borby (2018)                        

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Maternity room (2012)

The truth about you and me (2016)

Museum of local history (2017)


Dream simulator 1 (2017)

Once I woke up metamorphosed (2012)

Back home (2011)

Dream simulator 2 (2017)

Long winter (2012)

Holy land (2009)

Bubblegum forest (2009)

Land reclamation (2011)


Bionics (2013)


Itinerant preacher (2010)

Factory premises (2008)