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About my art

These collages were made in the last 12 months


The images can be enlarged in two steps.
* background image by Oliver Abraham, Bielefeld
** background image by Ulrich Schmidt, Schwieberdingen

For "My grandfather was a spice dealer" I used also images from shutterstock.


Structure of an actual feeling (2017)

Borby  (2018)

Lord Kumulus and the journey to the Blue Moon (2018)

The cartography of the sky* (2018)

The End of Numbers* (2018)

Arrival of the King** (2018)

Journey around the world in 80 thoughts (2017)

Cloudgardener, did you fall in love?  (2017)

I thought I should be like a tree (2018)

Supergod  (2018)

Gravity and angel (2018)

The long-established** (2018)

All was power (2018)