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About my art

These collages were made in the last 12 months


The images can be enlarged in two steps.
* background image by Oliver Abraham, Bielefeld
** background image by Ulrich Schmidt, Schwieberdingen

For "My grandfather was a spice dealer" I used also images from shutterstock.


That were her last days (2017)

Winterchild* (2018)

We were still alive when the gardener came (2017)

Journey around the world in 80 thoughts (2017)

Cloudgardener, did you fall in love?  (2017)

Garden of innocence (2018)

Supergod  (2018)

Structure of an actual feeling (2017)

Dream simulator 1 (2017)

Dream simulator 2 (2017)

My grandfather was a spice dealer* (2017)

Jesus was here (2017)

Museum of local history (2017)