Divisions of my portfolio:

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The queen is coming (2020)
Background: Sonja Schubert

Arrival of the royal family (2020)

Lucid geometric journey B (2021)

Lucid geometric journey C (2021)

Rosy Dream Hotel (2021)

Green Pasture Hotel (2021)

Blue Noon Hotel (2021)

Orange Cake Bar (2021)

Works outing of the regulatory agency  (2020)

Background: Sonja Schubert

All coffee machines are broken (2020)

Horizon machine (2020)



Places you may reach if you own a green moped (2015)

Your brain is nature (2020)

The mother and the light-blue door (2020)


Long after the anger we made a world trip (2016) Background: Ulrich Schmidt

Lord Kumulus and the journey to the Blue Moon (2018)

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Expedition to the East Pole (2015)


When Claudine drinks coffee she often thinks of the sea (2020)

Typographic Institute of the North* (2019)

Typographic Institute of the East (2019)

Typographic Institute of the West (2019)


Searching for the enchanted whale (2016)


My grandfather was a spice dealer (2017)

Background Oliver Abraham


Cloudgardener, did you fall in love? (2017)

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The long-established (2018)

Background: Ulrich Schmidt

Uroboros (2016)

Background: Oliver Abraham


Land of evening (2015)


We were still alive
when the gardener came (2017)


All was power (2018)


I thought I should be like a tree (2018)



Supergod (2018)

One fine day I will go to the magic shop (2019)


The old motorhome of Uncle Jim (2015)

Background: Oliver Abraham


The place where I left my demons (2017)


Ostheim (2015)


Zonenrandgebiet (2015)


Journey to the congress of ornithology (2016)


You promised me a gingerbread heart (2016)

Autumn announcement (2015)


Talking dust (2019)

Background: Oliver Abraham


Emigration Office (2015)


Schwedt (2016)


The world at weekend (2015)

I'm an ark (2018)

On the way to Kamtchatka (2015)

The day I finished to read the clouds (2016)


Malakoff  (2015)


Civilisation X (2015)