Flying hotels

March 2021

Welcome to the hotels of zabadu. Flying cruise ships that take you to places beyond our universe and imagination. Tickets are only available in the lottery of life in which every­one participates automatically. Take a break from reality. And take your time as the journey could take a few light years. Good conversation in the bars and cafes is not only encouraged but also necessary, since inspiration and imagination are the actual fuel. It started with the Orange Cake Hotel. In fact, I had no intention of creating a collage, but had prescribed my­self a very sensible, very boring programme. But the play instinct had won again. This time, however, I wanted to do something different. Most of all, it had to be very colourful. And yet I turned to a familiar theme: the simultaneity of being on the road and being at home, of comfort and detachment, of craziness and cosiness. An all-in-one offer. This time less dreamy and melancholic, but fully illuminated, so to speak.

The four hotels were created within 6 days. That is, in one go. Each has its own personality. The Rosy Dream Hotel, for example, is a cool establishment for a young crowd, while the Green Pasture Hotel will attract a rather older middle-class clientele. The Orange Cake Bar is a place where (life)artists and free spirits meet. The Blue Noon Hotel, on the other hand, is for travellers who set more value on material comfort. No matter which hotel is chosen, the traveller will come back changed. For example, it is completely unthinkable to maintain racial prejudices after such a journey. It is part of the standard programme of a journey with the hotels of zabadu to enter into other world views. Each of the houses, which form the hotels are from one city. Orange Cake Hotel: Luebeck, Green Pasture Hotel: Stralsund, Blue Noon Hotel: Alsfeld (Hesse) and Rosy Dream Hotel: Guestrow.