Arrival of the royal family

November 2020

"Now you've gone too far," I thought to myself several times while working on this artwork. At the beginning I had the vision to put the city gates of Neubrandenburg (city in North Eastern Germany) in a loose relation with each other, to connect them with flowers and portraits. The beauty of the medieval architecture challenged my creativity. It is not easy to use something that is already so harmonious in itself and has such an aesthetic power as a component in a collage. It requires a strong structure to avoid the individual elements "shouting" at each other. There, the sea has a very calming effect. For me it is also a symbol for the unconscious and thus another level of reality. What is actually interesting: I don't have to pretend that the airship is technically able to fly. That would also destroy the poetic power of the picture.



However, I had to finely adjust the composition of the picture to make the strange object a convincing airship. I don't know the design rules for this, I do only have an intuition for these. The royal family itself may have wings. Thus, the members can move between the buildings. But since the ship does not leave the realm of the dream, such considerations are not necessary. If I had tried to build ladders or elevators, everything would have ended up in ridiculousness. Amazingly, a kind of sublimity can arise from disregarding physics and plausibility. We should not overestimate reality...



Suitable music for this artwork:

I recommend "The north wind blew south" by Headless Heroes.